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Customized Courses

Customized Business English Courses

Customized courses are specifically designed so that your

managers and staff will study language they use in their everyday work.

  • You can decide the language topics

  • You can decide the schedule and course length

Customized Courses

Employees are motivated to study when they can see the language will help them in their daily work.

They will see an immediate improvement in their ability to deal with work related issues in English.

Examples of our customized courses

department course.jpg

Department Courses

- English for Sales

- English for Finance and Accounting

- English for I.T.

- English for H.R.

specialist course.jpg

Specialist Courses

- Property Sales

- Waiters / Waitresses

- Hotel Staff

- Customer Service

- Executive Coaching

business skills course.jpg

Business Skill Courses

- Presentation Skills

- Effective Negotiations

- Meeting Skills

- Email Writing / Report Writing

- Persuasive Writing

- Technical Writing

Customized Course Design Example

English for Sales


Students will be able to:

  • describe the product clearly and in a detailed manner

  • use the positive language of sales to accentuate benefits 

  • provide specifications and dimensions

Wide/width   Long/ length



Expensive/solid investment


Objection/valid point  contract/proposal

Talking about the product


Closing the sale

Students will be able to:

  • pre-empt objections

  • overcome objections as they are presented

  • use impact statements effectively

  • consolidate promotions and campaigns


Modal verbs




Students will be able to:

  • soften and pre-empt bad news 

  • request rather than demand

  • offer a succinct apology

  • show assertiveness

  • create a sense of urgency

I regret to inform you..

Would it be possible to..

If I could just ask you to..

I must respectfully ask..

I shan’t keep you a moment

Customer service


Students will be able to:

  • execute a mini presentation

  • structure and format a sales presentation

  • use appropriate body language


Present simple vs. Present continuous tense


Theory & practice


Students will be able to:

  • deliver a formal sales presentation

  • use rhetorical questions for impact

Rhetorical questions



Customized Business English Courses

Putting resources into actual work functions is

an intelligent investment

It really works!

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