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Workshops in English

(Building Communication, Leadership & Personal Skills in English)

1 or 2-day soft skill communication workshops in English.

The most effective way for busy people to learn new skills.

  • Improve your business skill

  • Improve your English language skill

  • Gain confidence

  • Enhance your company image

Workshop Examples

business english communication.jpg

Business English Communication

- Powerful presentations

- Negotiate to win

- Meetings that get results

- Effective email writing

- Business communication for the     


- Persuasive writing

- Technical writing

leadership and manaagement.jpg

Leadership & Management

- Effective leadership & management


- Effective coaching techniques

- Business communication skills for

  supervisors & managers

- Creativity & positive thinking

- Working in a cross-cultural


- Time management

specialist program.jpg

Specialist Programs

- Leadership Coaching

- Public speaking

- Critical thinking

- Legal skills 1

- Legal skills 2

Workshop Gallery

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